TV to Watch – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.jpg

Everyone loves a good Netflix binge, right? Well I have just (begrudgingly) resurfaced from my latest one, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!

After finding herself miserable at her stable and prosperous job as an attorney in New York, Rebecca Bunch ventures out and accidentally stumbles upon her teenage summer camp love, Josh Chan. Riddled in her anxiety and depression, Rebecca clings onto her easy-going ex-boyfriend’s words, that West Covina, California (where he lives) is the happiest place to be. Thanks to her impulsive nature and desperate need to escape her boring life in New York, Rebecca sets out to live in this so called magical town in the search for her own happiness. Although she tells herself that the move is only for her to start afresh we can’t help but wonder whether her motives aren’t wholly Josh-Chan-centric….

Now I love me some female-led, female-written shows, so this one was right up my alley! Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is bright, fun, clever and utterly ridiculous. With a diverse and talented cast this show ticks almost all of the boxes. Of course, one of its most appealing aspects (at least for me) is the show’s musical heart, as there are original and creative songs featured in every episode. Different right? Crazy Ex-Girlfriend cleverly turns the all-encompassing romantic love theme on its head, with its heroine often treading (and then plunging head-first off of) the fine line between totally in love and totally a stalker!

But Rebecca Bunch’s flaws are what makes this show great. Even if at times you hate her, or you just want to throw something at the screen at her numerous wrong and unhealthy decisions, she is as enticing to watch as she is a fantastically written character. She is in no way one-dimensional, she’s all at once completely relatable and utterly different, quirky, funny, emotional, happy-go-lucky and anxiety riddled! A bounty of contradictions just like real people are. Massive shout out as well to my other faves; Heather, Darryl and Greg. Although I won’t go so much into them so as to not spoiler you…

Since finishing the show I’ve had at least two songs a day day circling my head and I’m already craving the next series, October can’t come fast enough! To entice you guys even more into watching the show, here’s one of my personal favourites (and spoiler-free) songs from the show.

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